G.hn Powerline

Powerline technology enables you to establish an ethernet connection over existing mains electrical wiring. This ethernet connection can be used to connect a TV or PC and will also feed a Wi-Fi access point.

The Powerline products have been upgraded to G.hn, a new standard which allows for physical layer rates in excess of 1 Gbps and are much more stable than previous HomePlug approved products.

Technetix G.hn Powerline Bridge

The Powerline Bridge is used to create an ethernet connection point in a room. A bridge is placed next to an internet modem and the other bridges are placed in the rooms you need to connect. The units are linked by pressing the ‘link button’ for three seconds.

Technetix G.hn Powerline Wi-Fi

The Powerline Wi-Fi unit is used to create a powerful Wi-Fi network using the over existing mains electrical wiring. One Wi-Fi unit is placed by the internet modem and the additional Wi-Fi units should be located where the signal needs to be improved. The units are linked by pressing the ‘link’ button for three seconds. The Technetix Wi-Fi units will automatically create one Wi-Fi SSID with one password after they are linked. The units will work together and automatically move users to the best performing unit in real time.