Breakthrough solutions for your cable network.

Our talented research & development team continue to develop products to improve the performance of coax cable networks and extend their lifespan. 70% of the assets of a broadband operator are invested in the coax infrastructure. Why not develop this infrastructure going forward and maximise your existing assets?

Technetix has patented unique solutions that increase the capacity, speed and efficiency of a broadband cable network and extend its lifespan. The Direction Neutral Amplifier (DNA-1800), our latest innovation enables 10 Gbps 1.8 GHz networks over an existing coax structure. These compact amplifiers are the foundation of Distributed Gain Architecture.

The current CableLabs DOCSIS 4.0 standard defines ESD and FDx solutions over coax. Technetix is developing a technology roadmap which will extend the lifetime of current infrastructures beyond 10G and DOCSIS 4.0.

“We are focused on delivering breakthrough technology platforms to market which form a key part of our customers’ broadband networks, allowing expansion and increasing efficiency while minimising total cost of ownership.”

Paul Broadhurst, Chief Executive Officer

Paul Broadhurst, CEO