3 GHz F-male to F-female inline precision attenuator

Item code: PP0131
Model Number: AFM-xxAN

  • Complete range of precision attenuators
  • EN Class A compliant screening effectiveness
  • Wide frequency range from 5 – 3000 MHz
  • High return loss specification
  • Tubular brass housing with Tin-Nickel plating

The AFM-xxA/N series is a complete range of precision attenuators providing attenuation from 0 dB up to 20 dB, depending on the model. These attenuators have a very wide frequency range running from 5 MHz to 3 GHz, while flatness and return loss performance remain excellent. The high frequency shielding exceeds Class A requirements (EN 50083-2 2006) over the entire frequency range. The small tubular housing and its connectors are made of brass and have a Tin-Nickel-plating, as do the F-male inner pin and tulip F-female contact. Extensive research in a number of labs worldwide has shown that Tin-Nickel plating is the best plating material for products used in CATV networks. The most important feature is the protection against Common Path Distortion (CPD). The tulip female contact is made of beryllium copper, which provides excellent resilience/contact pressure over a wide range of conductor diameters. The tulip contact has been designed specially for connecting coax cables with an inner core diameter of between 0.56 and 1.15 mm. It retains this elasticity and provides effective clamping force even when varying thicknesses of inner conductor are connected in succession.

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