Advanced intelligent multi-service headend platform.

  • AIMA3000 proves to be the cost effective solution moving to DOCSIS 3.1
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) considered holistically is unmatched in the industry
  • Technetix experience with active and passive headend products as well as one-stop access network solutions allow us to guarantee unmatched system performance

While many operators are getting ready to deploy Remote PHY in a DAA architecture, a large number of operators continue to expand their existing CAA architecture. Headend space, air conditioning and operational complexity are concerns, AIMA3000 addresses exactly those challenges with a very compact, easy-to-manage and high-performance design.

AIMA: High Density, Low Power

DOCSIS 3.1 – CAA optical platform

AIMA3000 is an all-round optical headend platform which allows deployment in CAA HFC networks and FTTx networks as well as any type of sub-headend distribution where RF transport is also required.

With its unique tunable DWDM transmitter, AIMA3000 allows the operator to reduce stock and optimise time to repair as DWDM channels are only selected by the user and are not fixed in hardware.

It’s unique management system allows even untrained personnel to replace hardware very quickly and with minimal customer interruption.

AIMA3000 application diagram