DBD-1200 smart RF amplifier dual active output

Item code: PP0147
Model Number: DBD-AMP

  • Dual active output (112dBµV/52dBmV) full digital load, up to three output using (splitter or coupler)
  • Operates to 1218 MHz with a forward gain of up to 44 dB
  • Return path gain is 25 dB or 28 dB (5-204 MHz)
  • Full digital control and setup via software tools (BLL, BLA) and t-box
  • Modular, power-efficient design

The Technetix DBx-1200 access platform is an innovative modular design which is compatible with a wide range of RF amplifiers and optical nodes. With over a million units deployed worldwide, the DBx is the leading access platform in the market today.


The DBx platform has a modular configuration, allowing for future retrofits and network upgrades with plug-and-play components while improving the longevity and flexibility of HFC networks. Operators can decide whether to swap out RF and optical modules or to upgrade to Remote PHY (R-PHY) nodes as network architectures evolve.

Power saving

To maintain competitiveness, service providers are increasing bandwidth to improve service performance. The DBx platform allows operators to use the appropriate amplifier modules with the correct gain, using a highly efficient power supply unit (PSU) in active devices and reduce the current through the hybrids during off-peak times, bringing savings of up to 40% (344 kWh) per year, per amplifier for a plug-and-play R-PHY upgrade.

Plug-and-play upgrade

R-PHY technology enables the up- and downstream relocation of traditional headend elements, generating 10 Gbps of data on a remote location to operators seeking to extend the capacity of their coax networks. With a significant current DBx installation base, R-PHY is ready for deployment by a simple lid upgrade or it can be directly enabled by using DBx R-PHY nodes and amplifiers.