Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Technetix Group Limited

Technetix does not tolerate slavery, human trafficking or any other violation of human rights in any part of its business or its supply chain. All employees and supply partners are required to act ethically and comply with legal requirements at all times.

The information in this statement relates to the financial year ended 31 December 2022.

Structure and Supply Chains

Technetix operates across Europe, North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region, differentiating itself from competitors by gaining detailed knowledge of its customers’ requirements and delivering intelligent, award-winning solutions to the marketplace.

Technetix brings value to its customers by forming consultative partnerships with them, offering 33 years’ experience of broadband network technologies. The nature of its relationships means that once a need has been identified, the solution can be developed and brought to market quickly. It’s one of the reasons why the business is a tried, tested and trusted supplier to over 2,000 customers in 70 countries.

The majority of Technetix’ procurement activity is centralised. The business is therefore able to ensure a good degree of consistency and cohesion in the management of its relationships with its supply partners worldwide, which in turn underpins its ability to monitor performance and evaluate compliance with a reasonably high degree of confidence.

Ethical Standards and Expectations

Technetix does not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying in its workforce and requires all its managers to ensure all policies covering these issues are followed.

Technetix respects that other countries may have cultures, norms and sets of values which differ to its own. Nonetheless, there are certain standards which the business deems to be universal and its supply partners are required to meet these standards and to also ensure that they are cascaded down their own supply chains. These standards are:

  • The supply partner shall not use any form of forced, bonded, compulsory labour, slavery or human trafficking;
  • The supply partner employees must be able to freely choose employment and not be prevented from leaving through coercion or be subjected to punishment or threats for leaving after a reasonable notice period; all employment shall be voluntary;
  • Working hours and remunerations should be comparable with local norms and must comply with all local laws;
  • Supply partners shall not require employees to lodge deposits of money or require employees to surrender any government issued identification, passports or work permits as a condition of employment.

In addition to the above, our supply partners are required to maintain processes which minimise the possibility that products supplied to Technetix contain conflict minerals. Conflict minerals are minerals that have been mined through conditions of armed conflict and human rights violations. In accordance with US legislation (Dodd-Frank Act) and OCED guidance, Technetix considers conflict minerals to be gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum that has been sourced from conflict affected areas of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Due Diligence

Technetix makes clear to all actual and potential supply partners that it expects business to be conducted in a transparent and fair manner. Prior to a business relationship being formed, as a minimum the Supplier Code of Conduct has to be agreed to and based on the volume of business to be undertaken with that supplier, a vendor questionnaire has to be completed. The vendor questionnaire consists of a comprehensive set of questions designed to evaluate the standards the company adopts and to ensure that such standards meet Technetix’ requirements. Should the vendor questionnaire demonstrate that its requirements are not being met, depending on the severity of the failures, Technetix will either refuse to enter into a business relationship or will work with the supplier to establish compliance.

Before a new supply partner is accepted an on-site assessment and audit is completed by relevant operational, policy and quality experts as well as senior management.

Maintaining Ethical Standards

Technetix maintains close working relationships with all supply partners. Employees are encouraged to report any concerns regarding slavery, human trafficking or any other actions deemed incompatible with its requirements to an executive member of staff so the appropriate action can be taken.

Regular site visits by operational staff and executives are an integral part of its efforts to maintain these close working relationships and during these visits, working conditions and ethical standards are specifically reinforced and assessed, which will include speaking directly with employees on the factory floor or relevant worksite.


Technetix liaises with all employees to ensure they are aware of its policies and how to implement them within their position. Specific training is also provided to employees on key issues which affect the business as required, such as, maintaining its ethical standards across the business and its supply chains.

This statement is made on behalf of Technetix Group Limited, it’s subsidiary Technetix Limited and all Technetix Group companies and has been approved by Technetix’ Board of Directors.

Paul Broadhurst

Chief Executive Officer

Technetix Group Limited

16 February 2023